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Jacqueline Patrick is a polymer clay, mixed media and jewelry artist. She was born in Dayton, Ohio. She has lived in Las Vegas, Nevada; Orange County, California; Eastern North Carolina; and now lives in the mountains of North-East Tennessee. She works in a cabin on six acres in the Cherokee National Forest where she lives with her husband and two Akitas.

She is a self-taught artist. Her first exhibit was at Union Street Gallery in Erwin, Tennessee. Her art has been displayed at the Madison County North Carolina Welcome Center as part of a local artists' collection. She has participated in several local art festivals. Her art dolls are on display at Blind Insect Gallery in Portland OR and Tanasi Art Gallery in Unicoi Tn. She has had two articles written about her work; mixed media wall sculptures in International Doll Artists magazine, and art dolls and ghost necklaces in Autumn Brilliance magazine. Jacqueline is a member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.

Frozen Charlottes Necklaces

charlotte grey.jpg

The story behind the frozen Charlotte:

This white porcelain doll was manufactured in Germany in the 1850s and was sold as the perfect playmate for baby's bath time. However, it became associated with a popular song of the day written by Seba Smith in 1840. The song, based on an article that appeared in the New York Observer, recounted a grim tale of a young woman who had frozen to death while riding with her sweetheart in a carriage to a New Year's Eve ball. After this, these dolls became known as frozen Charlottes. The dolls were sold in small coffins, and baked into puddings and cakes.

This one of a kind multi-strand necklace is 15 1/2 inches long with a 3 inch extender. The doll is an antique and not a reproduction. The doll's dress is made from a vintage blue art deco necklace.

Price is $99. Includes shipping within US and Canada.

Holy Watchers Series

curious mondo red bracelet.jpg

This is a Watchers cuff bracelet (open in back). It is made with natural fish leather dyed red. The eyelid is made from a vintage Whiting mesh bag (circa 1920 - 1930), and a vintage red and white rhinestone piece. The tears are tourmaline and fresh-water pearls.

Price is $140. Includes shipping within US and Canada.

curious mondo green bracelet 1.jpg

This is a Watchers cuff bracelet (open in back). It is made with lacquered fish leather dyed green. The eyelid is made from a vintage Whiting mesh bag (circa 1920 - 1930), and adorned with faux seed pearls.

Price is $99. Includes shipping within US and Canada.

Green Braclet-Whiting2.jpg
Vintage Neckpiece2.jpg
Green Braclet-Whiting3.jpg

Small, gold tone and green bracelet with vintage mesh and gilding flakes around the eye. Mesh was from a vintage 1920-30s Whiting mesh purse. 

Price is $99. Includes shipping within US and Canada.

Vintage Neckpiece1.jpg

This neckpiece is all vintage - from the large eye made from the clasps of a vintage purse to the 1940's antique broach. The filigree surrounding the eye has tiny hearts around it. The tears are a vintage necklace.

Price is $300. Includes shipping within the US and Canada.

Salmon Bracelet2.jpg

Bakelite bracelet - salmon color.
Watcher's series three eyes; brown, green, and blue. Surrounded by gold tone chains. The chains that bind us to them. One seed pearl hanging from the corner of the center eye. This bracelet is a medium  size 6-8.


Price is $75, includes shipping within the US and Canada


My newest Watcher.

This one is set on a 1940 antique broach. The base was a polished garnet set ivy leaves and seed pearls. It is a 1970's 13" lariat chain. The tears are adjustable.


Price is $150, includes shipping within US and Canada.




Granny is looking for new employment. She has finished her work at our cabin and is moving on. Maybe she can lend a hand at your home. Granny stands 15 inches high, and is a polymer clay/mixed media doll. Her clothes are made of linen, wool and fish leather.

Price for Granny was $135, on sale for $114.75 plus $30 shipping within the USA.


GHOST Necklaces

Mad Matilda.jpg


Mad Matilda

Screaming Zachariah.jpg
Doddering Old Fool Clarence.jpg

Screaming Zachariah

Doddering Old Fool Clarence

Gentlewoman Persilla.jpg

Gentlewoman Persilla

Four friends on an evening stroll down a dark cobblestone road. Fog sets in and the gas lighted lamp posts were not enough to see the horses and carriage bearing down on them. Unfortunately for all, no one survived. May they rest in peace.

These one-of-a-kind, hand sculpted and hand painted necklaces, measure approximately 4 x 5 inches, on a 16-inch necklace with adjustable chain. I will also include a 16-inch cable choker necklace with each order.

Price is $35, includes shipping within the USA and Canada.


Lady of the Forest

Lady of the forest1.jpg

Lady of the Forest 1

These multi-media wall sculptures are handmade using natural materials. The wood is dried and sealed, and she is adorned with moss and lichen. The eyes are Czech glass. The lady and her companion are hand painted with colored mica.

Lady of the Forest2.gif

Lady of the Forest 2

Lady of the Forest 1 measures 13 x 7 

Price is 200.00 and includes shipping in the US and Canada.

Lady of the Forest 2 measures 14 x 7

Price is 200.00 includes shipping in the US and Canada

Mr. Limbwinkle

Mr Limbwinkle1.jpg
Mr Limbwinkle2.jpg

Mr. Limbwinkle stopped by to share his Thanksgiving meal with me - blueberry pie, chocolate cake, sausages, and turkey leg. His little friend a pet turtle 🐢 he brought to keep him company. He's just passing through on his way to his family Thanksgiving dinner.


This art doll is hand sculpted from polymer clay. He is 15-1/2 inches from the bottom of his feet to tip of his hat. His clothes are made of wool and leather. All the food is made of polymer clay, and the turkey leg has natural herbs cut and applied by hand. His food basket is made of fish leather.  Inside his food basket are a blueberry pie, chocolate cakes and sausages.

Price is $175 shipping in the US and Canada.



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Please join me for the Curious Mondo Art Jewelry Symposium 2021 - April 16 - 23.

I will be one of fifty artists from around the world offering a variety of tutorials on jewelry making. I will be demonstrating how to make upcycled, one-of-a-kind, vintage-like jewelry pieces.